Alterhuman Dictionary

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were - an abbreviated term for "werewolf" or other were-creature, often used as an alternative term for therianthrope [1] [2]. Popularized on alt.horror.werewolves as early as 1993, but was mostly replaced by "therian" by 2005. However, the term is regaining popularity[3] in response to diverging therian cultural norms between newer and older members, and across social media platforms.

Werelist (original) - an influential forum for therianthropes [4], created in 2000 [5]. A second, newer version of Werelist went live in 2005, but subsequently crashed in 2007 [4] [5]. Its current incarnation is online at

wishkin - a general, often derogatory term for an individual who spends time in the 'kin communities pretending to be 'kin, but does not inherently identify as nonhuman or as a fictional character [6]. Otherlinks and copinglinks are different from wishkin, and have their own respective communities.

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