Alterhuman Dictionary

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offhuman - when one feels wrong or doesn't feel as though the fit in as a human or in human society, despite trying to do so [1].

old(e) fruit(e) - an older or more experienced member of the draconic community; generally a community member who has been actively participating in the community for a year or more [2].

omnitherian - an individual who identifies fully or partially as all earthly animals simultaneously [3].

ontopunk - an aesthetic and ideology focused on embracing different identities and ways of having them, along with the rejection of anthropocentrism as the default paradigm [4]. Ontopunk is open to anyone, not just alterhumans. Derived from ontology, the branch of philosophy concerned with being and what it means to exist. See also: kinpunk.

otherborn - an individual who is of a transmigrated soul of a nonhuman being into a human vessel [5]. Coined by Tumblr user Azaphaer, in reference to the older term "faeborn".

otherhearted - an individual with a strong feeling of connection to or appreciation for a nonhuman creature [6] [7]. Believed to have been coined in 2009 on The Daemon Forum [8].

otherhuman - an individual who identifies as another species (fictional or real) of the human genus [9].

otherkin(d) - an individual who identifies as a nonhuman entity [10] [11]. First coined in 1990. This identification may be based on spiritual beliefs, psychological beliefs, or a mix of both [11]. Originally used to denote non-earthly creatures or races, but has since evolved to cover both therian and otherkin communities. Otherkin cannot drop their identities at will; for those who choose nonhuman identities consciously, see copinglink or otherlink.

otherkinity - the state of being otherkin [12].

otherlink(er) - an individual who has voluntarily chosen a nonhuman or fictional character identity. Similar to copinglinks, but created and used for reasons other than coping [13]. Otherlinks generally may be dropped voluntarily [14].

othershard - a piece of a nonhuman entity in a living human vessel that does the entity's bidding. Similar to a god-shard, but may be non-deific [15].

othervague - a nebulous identity which partially falls under multiple alterhuman categories, or requires multiple alterhuman labels to describe it [16]. May also be used in cases where one cannot or does not want to clarify their identity, or has no adequate terms to describe it. "Vague-" may be used as a prefix to other alterhuman identities (e.g., "vague-hearted") to further clarify. A specific othervague identity may be referred to as a "vaguetype".

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