Alterhuman Dictionary

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nephesh mavar - in reference to alterhumans whose identity is, at least in part, influenced by Jewish spirituality, theology or philosophy, with "nephesh” meaning “soul” and “mavar” meaning  “beyond” in Hebrew [1].

noema  - (plural: noemata) inherent knowledge you have about your kintype [2]. This may include memories, things you experience as memories but likely aren't, or general knowledge about your looks, life, habits, or surroundings. Noemata may have a psychological or spiritual basis, may be a mix of the two, or may have unknown origins.

nomorph - someone who has a decidedly nonhuman, but otherwise undefined identity [3]. May be combined with other terms to create general connections to a concept or creature type (e.g., "darkmorph" or "reptilianmorph").

nonhuman - in an alterhuman context, someone who identifies as something other than human [4]. Can be used to refer to the otherkin and therian communities collectively, or can refer to someone who identifies as nonhuman outside of those communities.

nullkind/nullthrope - rejection of species identification entirely; rejection of categorizing yourself as human, nonhuman, or alterhuman [5].

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