Alterhuman Dictionary

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kardiatype - a past life that forms part of your present core identity, but that you do not still identify as, unlike in the case of a past life kin/fictotype [1].

kin-for-fun - a misunderstanding of what otherkinity is, where those claiming to "kin for fun" misuse the label of otherkin or fictionkin in reference to roleplaying, identifying with a character or animal, or adopting an identity for their personal enjoyment or aesthetic [2]. May be abbreviated "KFF" or "kff" in alterhuman circles.

kin - a shortened version of otherkin or fictionkin [3]. May also be spelled with an apostrophe ('kin).

kinfeels - the feeling of being closer to or reminded of one’s kin/theriotype; sometimes triggered by an image, item, or sensation [3] [4]. May induce shifts of various kinds [5].

kinpunk - an aesthetic and ideology focused on embracing nonhuman stereotypes and promoting positive nonhuman self-expression [6]. This may include wearing gear and makeup to express your kintype(s); incorporating kintype habits, vocalizations, or behaviors into everyday life; and using cosplay as a means of expressing a fictotype. See also: ontopunk.

kinself - an otherkin’s nonhuman self. Often used as a term to differentiate between one’s human self and one’s nonhuman self. Alternately, may be used in conjunction with "kin/fictotype" by fictionkin who know what specific individual they identify as (e.g. fictotype = pikachu, kinself = Ash's pikachu) [7].

kinsona - a character created by an otherkin member of the  furry fandom, based on their kintype's characteristics, for use in furry circles [8].

kith - a strong identification with or connection to a nonhuman creature or fictional character [9]. Sometimes used interchangeably with "other-hearted".

kintype - the creature or being an otherkin identifies as [10].

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