Alterhuman Dictionary

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paleotherian - a therian who identifies as an extinct species that at one time existed on Earth [1]. Common examples are dinosaurs, but extinct mammals, insects, and birds also fall under the paleotherian umbrella.

paratype - a character, animal, or mythical creature that is not a kin/therio/fictotype or a hearttype, but somehow feels important to your established identity. Some examples of how it may manifest include: inducing shifts of one or more of your established 'types, showing up as a cameo shift that somehow feels related to your established 'type, or feeling similar to a hearttype because they remind you of your kintype in some significant way [2] [3].

patriatype - A kintype that encompasses an entire fictional source rather than a particular character or being from that source. Similar to conceptkin, but differs in that a patriatype pertains to a specific piece of media [4].

pericall - a verb that describes knowing something about your kintype or canon, in place of ‘remember’ when one doesn't want to describe their experience, knowledge, or noema as a memory [5].

phantom limb - the sensation of having a body part that is non-corporeal [6]. Phantom limbs may include extra limbs, wings, horns, claws, fur, scales, a tail, etc. The term “supernumerary phantom limb” is sometimes used in place of phantom limb in an effort to separate phantom limbs that have never existed from phantom limbs experienced by amputees, although the terms are often used interchangeably within the 'kin communities [7].

phenotype - older term for theriotype [8].

phytanthrope - an individual who identifies as a species of plant on a non-physical level [9] [10] [11].

plantkin - an alternate term for phytanthrope [10] [11].

plural - in reference to plurality, an umbrella term for median and multiple experiences, where a body isn't wholly singlet [12] [13].

plurality - a wide spectrum of experiences where more than one consciousness inhabits a single body. The scale of consciousnesses is typically described as going from singlet to multiple, with median describing experiences that fall somewhere in the middle [12].

polykin/polytherian - an otherkin, fictionkin, or therian who identifies as more than one nonhuman entity [14] [15]. Polytherian refers to people who identify as nonhuman animals only [15], while polykin may refer to otherkin, fictionkin, or a combination of otherkin, therian, and fictionkin identities [14]. For instance, a polytherian may identify as both a red fox and a jack rabbit, and a polykin may identify as a mermaid and a griffon, a mermaid and a house cat, or a house cat and Gandalf.

psychic vampire - a vampire who exclusively or usually feeds on others' life energy rather than blood [16] [17]. Sometimes referred to as "energy vampires" [16]. May be abbreviated as "psi-vamp". See also: sanguinarian vampire.

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