About Me

I’m an ornithologist in my thirties living in the western United States. I'm originally from Wisconsin, and have stayed true to my roots though my fierce love of cheese. Since getting my B.S., I've been working various ornithological field tech positions, including leading a field crew conducting bird surveys and spending time on remote islands poking around for seabirds, and recently completed my PhD in avian ecology. I enjoy night photography, and hope to invest in a nice camera once I get a little money, and I dabble a bit in traditional and digital art when I feel motivated. In my free time I go birding and hiking, hang out at the farmers market, invent new cocktails, and curbstomp computer game bosses with my partner.

In addition to the normal human stuff, I identify non-physically as a western dragon. I’m not particularly spiritual, and I’m mostly of the opinion that my identity stems from the psychological. I have a few other minor psychological quirks, including a couple kinds of synesthesia, so I don't think it's too farfetched to assume my draconity stems from the same source.  I’ve felt draconic since I was five or six, but wasn’t aware that there was anyone else like me until high school. I've lurked in various online alterhuman communities since 2009, and I've been actively participating primarily in the otherkin communities since 2014. In addition to the draconic stuff, I identify as other and fiction-hearted with house cats, cheetahs, and Andalites, a centaur-like alien race from the Animorphs book series. I've identified as feline-hearted since around the time I Awakened as draconic, and I realized I was Andalite-hearted in January 2021. I also identify as agender, and I prefer it or they, but he or she work just fine too. I'm not picky.

I’m fairly shy and not much of a conversationalist, but I’m happy to chat and hear your experiences and answer questions! I’m often very busy, and may take up to a day or two to respond to you, depending on academic deadlines I'm currently facing (check my updates page for more info). However, I'm typically quite good at responding, so don't fret if you don't hear back immediately.

If you have a minute, visit me at my other sites:

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Fair winds!
-Kiera Ember

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