Alterhuman Dictionary

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About this dictionary

This dictionary is meant to cover common alterhuman terms. I've selected these terms to reflect frequently used and relevant terminology and to provide some historical context. Some sources may not be primary sources, but I'm currently working (slowly) to remedy that.

If you're looking for a term in particular and it's not listed where you think it should be, my website now has a search function (the little magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner)! Give that a go, and if nothing comes up, I likely haven't added that term to my dictionary yet.

If you feel I've overlooked an important term or know of a recently coined term that I haven't come across yet, please feel free to contact me here. Bonus points if you can provide original sources for me to cite!

*Updated May 2024*

If you're up for more extensive reading, please check out Orion Scribners Otherkin Lexicon for a comprehensive overview of pre-2013 otherkin and therian terminology here.

Upcoming additions

Some terms I intend to add in the near future:

Any sources on these terms are highly appreciated! Shoot me a message here if you have info, and I'll add you to the Acknowledgements page!