Alterhuman Dictionary

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hatchday - a draconic term for one’s birthday [1].

headmate - a member of a plural system who generally shares mental/headspace with other system members [2].

headspace - a space where members of a plural system reside, although some singlets have headspaces as well [2]. Some consider their headspaces mental space or on another plane of existence.

hearthome - a location, or type of location, real or otherwise, that one has a strong emotional connection to, considering it 'home' despite not having been raised or spending much/any time there [3].

hearttype - the animal, creature, or being that someone who is other-hearted, animal-hearted, or fiction-hearted identifies with or feels a deep connection to [4].

howl - an organized gathering of therians in a physical location, as a way of socializing with fellow members of the community [5].

human+ - an alterhuman identity where one identifies as human, but also in addition to or as something greater than their human identity [6].

humanmore - a general umbrella term for when one considers themselves both human and alterhuman in some way, and regards both their humanity and alterhumanity with importance [7]. May also be referred to as "overhuman".

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