Alterhuman Dictionary

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dæmian - someone who practices dæmonism or has a dæmon [1].

dæmon - a thoughtform representation of one's subconscious, inner thoughts, or soul given a sentient form. It is most commonly an animal form [2].

double - a fictionkin who identifies as the same character as another fictionkin [3]. Some fictionkin are uncomfortable interacting with doubles of themselves [4].

draconic - of or relating to dragons [5]. In the context of otherkinity, may also refer to one who identifies as a dragon [6] [7].

dragon code - a code created in 1995 to denote one’s draconic identity characteristics [8] [9]. May be used by non-dragons as well. Dragon Code (DC) was later revised to include more descriptors, and renamed the Revised Dragon Code or DC2 [10].

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