Alterhuman Dictionary

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vacillant therianthropy - a therian whose nonhuman identity is intergrated into their baseline personality, as in, they don't feel as though they have a human side and an animal side [1] [2]. Vacillant therian shifts tend to happen more consistently, gradually, and smoothly than those of a non-vacillant therian. However, vacillant therians may still experience sudden or strong shifts. This phenomenon may also be referred to as "suntherianthropy" [2].

vaguetype - a nebulous identity which partially falls under multiple alterhuman categories, or requires multiple alterhuman labels to describe it. May also be used in cases where one cannot or does not want to clarify their identity, or has no adequate terms to describe it. "Vague-" may be used as a prefix to other alterhuman identities (e.g., "vague-hearted") to further clarify [3]. May also be used to refer to a specific othervague identity [4].

vakalomorphy - an innate and integral identity, where one experiences said inner identity as physically manifested through primarily non-delusional hallucinations or supernatural phenomena [5]. May include species, gender, self-image, or other identities.

vakalon - an individual who experiences vakalomorphy [5]

vampire - someone who craves the energy of living creatures, and obtains this energy through physical blood consumption, psychic energy draining, or a combination of both [6] [7]. For more information, see psychic vampire and sanguinarian vampire.

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