Beyond Humanity

Welcome to Beyond Humanity!

This site was created as a resource for those curious about alterhumans and/or those questioning an alterhuman identity, to dispel misconceptions, and to provide an online space for my writings. Please make yourself at home.

Maybe you've heard of alterhumanity. Maybe you haven't. Regardless, let's take a moment to define what an alterhuman is:

An alterhuman is someone who experiences a personal identity that does not conform to what society considers a common or average human identity.

Alterhumanity, also known as Alternative Humanity Personal Identity (AHPI), originally coined by @phasmovore on Tumblr, is a large umbrella term covering a huge number of unique and diverse identities, all interesting and important in their own right.

Specific alterhuman/AHPI identities include:

    • Therianthropes, phytanthropes, otherkin, fictionkin, and vampires

    • Spiritual identities including angelics, celestials, god-shards, reincarnated gods, and starseeds

    • Identities involving a deep connection to non-human entities, including animal-hearts, other-hearts, fiction-hearts, godspouses, soulbonds, and spiritual mediums

    • Multiple, plural, median, and walk-in identities

    • Other voluntary or involuntary nonhuman or human-adjacent identities created through disassociation, stress, trauma, or atypical brain function

These are very real identities, experienced by very real people, some of whom may already be present in your life. These identities are not internet fads, and many were first described well before the internet came into being. Although the term "alterhuman" was created as a broad umbrella term, not everyone within these communities uses or prefers the alterhuman label and may choose to use or not use it accordingly. Also, it should be noted that alterhumanity in itself is not inherently connected to gender identity, mental health, sexuality, or the LGBTQIA+ community.

For a more details about what falls under the alterhumanity label, please visit phasmovore's AHPI post.

If you have any questions, would like to suggest a resource for my resources page, or have a correction to make to the FAQ or dictionary, please don't hesitate to contact me here.

Fair winds,
-Kiera Ember