Here's a list of resources on otherkin, therians, fictionkin, and other alterhumans I've compiled over the years. A few are here primarily for historical context and may contain outdated definitions and material. Read at your own risk!

Please contact me here if you would like to request to have a resource added, corrected, or removed, or if you find a broken link. A huge thank you to those who have already contributed!

*Updated January 2023*

Informational Sites

Some of these sites are collective efforts with the intent to provide community resources, while others bridge the gap between resource-oriented and personal sites. I've categorized them as best I can, but please check out the Blogs & Personal Sites tab as well!

Alterhuman and Nonhuman

    • A Dragon's Explanations (Tumblr) - an active Tumblr geared toward answering otherkin, nonhuman, and alterhuman questions, fact checking, and dispelling misinformation. Run by Rani, a dragonkin.

    • A-tag-list (Tumblr) - a Tumblr dedicated to connecting members of the alterhuman community with each other by providing a list of common tags unique to each sub-community under the alterhuman umbrella.

    • Alt-H - a website dedicated to all alterhumans, including otherkin, therians, fictionkin, starseeds, god-shards, other-hearted, copinglink, etc. Contains a dictionary, guest essays, resources, and FAQ.

    • Alterhuman Dictionary - a site with a large dictionary with both common and obscure terms, and a list of various alterhuman resources.

    • Alterhuman Wiki - a small, but growing wiki hosted on Particularly useful for less-common words within the community, with background, sources, and usage.

    • Between Forest and Sea - a website by the House of Chimeras system, with numerous resources relating to otherkinty, therianthropy, and plurality.

    • Darkfang - a website with archives and an 18+ chat and forum for alterhumans.

    • Draconic Discourse (Tumblr) - a Tumblr blog dedicated to correcting misinformation, and perspectives on community, life, and perception of the otherkin and ace communities.

    • Radiant Obscurities - writings about the experience of “being animal” from therians, otherkin, and other alterhumans, with a focus on animal types that are uncommon in the community.

    • The Alterhuman Archive - a large and growing collection of links to alterhuman writings, categorized into identity subcategories. Run by Page of the Sol System and the House of Chimeras system.

    • Through Time and Space - a website containing an FAQ, dictionary, personal writings, and a number of relevant resources. Run by Azaphaer, a dragonkin, fictionkin, and starseed.

    • A Complete Directory of Nonhuman Spaces, Events, Websites, and Resources - an extensive and evolving list on Lunastre Draconis' Dreamwidth account of active alterhuman spaces online.

Copinglinks and Otherlinks

    • Voluntary Identity - an open Discord for those with voluntary identities to hang out and discuss linking.


    • Another Wiki - a comprehensive wiki focused primarily on otherkin and therians.

    • Beyond Awakening - a collection of stories and essays on otherkinity and therianthropy by various authors.

    • - a website by KaniS with an explanation of dragons and draconity, as well as links to dragon-themed websites and a forum.

    • Dreamhart - a website complete with otherkin and magic resources, FAQ, and personal writings.

    • Elenari - a collection of writings by the Elenari, a group of elven otherkin who share memories of their elven lives that have common elements of history, culture, and language.

    • Eristic - a website by Arethinn focusing on elves, fae, otherkin, and magic, complete with resource links, commentary, and extensive personal writings.

    • Far From Home - a small alienkin website, with some basic information on alienkin, and some descriptions of various types of aliens.

    • Groves of Annwyn - a older website focused on sidhekin and fae. Some content is personal opinion or outdated.

    • Jafira's Lair - a large website run by Jafira, a dragonkin, complete with resources for dragons and personal essays.

    • Kin Assistance (Tumblr) - an informational blog run by a group of otherkin and fictionkin, with an FAQ, a self care guide, and answers to questions on numerous alterhuman topics.

    • Library Draconium - a website by Malchior (the creator of the term "alterhuman"), with definitions, musings, and links.

    • Murkworks - the homepage of the Elfinkind Digest, a mailing list primarily for otherkin, running for a whopping 28 years (1990 - 2018).

    • Otherkin 101 - a quick and dirty intro to what otherkin are and aren't, along with basic definitions and links.

    • - a website with various essays and articles on otherkinity, along with a short FAQ about various aspects of otherkinity.

    • - a website containing various essays, opinion pieces, and a small forum for otherkin.

    • Otherkin Resource Center [archived] - a sub-site of defunct, with writings, FAQ, and resource links.

    • Otherkin Phenomena - a website with various (primarily metaphysical) essays.

    • Tomorrowlands - a website by Baxil, a dragon, with an explanation of dragons and draconity, personal writings, and an excellent in-depth FAQ.

    • The Art and Writing of Scribner - Orion Scribner's website, full of otherkin and alterhuman history and definitions. An excellent resource, and I recommend browsing Orion's Otherkin Timeline for detailed otherkin, therian, and fictionkin history.


    • Project Shift - an excellent website with helpful articles, essays, and numerous resources (many archive only).

    • Therian Nation (Tumblr) - an informational blog with therianthropy-related news, discussion, and information.

    • Therian Wikia - a comprehensive and up-to-date wiki focused primarily on therianthropy.

    • Therian Timeline - an extensive website with a timeline covering therianthropy, werewolves, and human history, along with numerous writings, links, and resources.

    • Werelibrary - a collection of writings about therianthropy, including helpful articles, personal essays, and resources.

    • Wildpath Library - a website focused on building alterhuman resources, with writings on perspectives, nature, and discourse.


    • - a website for fictionkin that includes FAQs on a number of topics, and an excellent fictionkin dictionary.

    • From Fiction - an archive of fictionkin writings, an FAQ, and resources about fictionkin, plurality, and soulbonding, created by Felix, a longtime member of the fictionkin community.


    • Ex Uno Plures - an extensive collection of articles, links, and and FAQ about plurality, put together by the Sylvan System.

    • Healthy Multiplicity - an extensive and friendly website with articles covering a wide array of plurality topics, from navigating daily life, understanding healthcare, and even a space for singlets to browse for better understanding.

    • - a site offering terms and information on plurality, complete with a podcast and guide to teaching systems to cooperate and work together in both a free-but-outdated form and in an updated ebook collection form.

    • More Than One - an easy to understand website covering pertinent terms and answering common questions like "what is it like?" and "am I plural?".

    • Pluralpedia - a crowdsourced and comprehensive wiki, covering plural terms.

    • Power to the Plurals - a website with links and articles covering plurality, personhood, and plural oppression. Also, this site is associated with The Plural Association, a nonprofit that has created The Plural Warmline, a line for plurals or questioning plurals to call who may be seeking assistance, answers, or a friendly ear from an experienced plural.

    • Check out for an extended list of resources


Blogs & Personal Sites

Alterhuman and Nonhuman

    • Aestherians (Neocities) - an informative and personal website of an American bison, gnoll, and Ben 10 fictionkin, with writings, background, and links.

    • Aestherians (Tumblr) - an informative and personal blog of an American bison, gnoll, and Ben 10 fictionkin.

    • House of Chimeras personal site - a personal site of the House of Chimeras system, with information about their system rules, fronters, and spectrum of identities.

    • House of Chimeras (Tumblr) - the personal blog of the House of Chimeras system. Includes posts about otherkin and multiple history, media, and resources.

    • Nonhuman-Nonsense - a website with a glossary and personal essays, covering numerous alterhuman experiences including fableing, therianthropy, plurality, and fictionkinity.

    • The Horde's Lair - a website run by the Horde system, with essays, definitions, and links, including information on vakalomorphy.

Copinglinks and Otherlinks

    • Otherlinks - a Tumblr for copinglinks and otherlinks. Posts aesthetics, resources, and commentary, and answers questions.



    • Absurdism - two websites in one, run by a leopard therian and a snow leopard therian. Contains personal essays on therianthropy, paganism, and gender identity, among others.

    • Animal Quills - a trove of personal essays by various authors written before 2010.

    • Being Lion - a Barbary lion's personal website, with writings about therianthropy and spirituality.

    • Lupine Instincts - personal Wordpress of Elinox, a wolf therian, with poetry, a dictionary, and personal writings.

    • Spirit of the Wind - a website by Citrakayah, a cheetah therian, with personal writings, short stories, and art.

    • The Academic Dingo - a website by bloodmuffins, a dingo therian and psychology PhD student, with resources and personal essays.

    • The Sanctuary - a website by polytherian Sonne Spiritwind, with extensive essays and writings, poetry, and guest essays.

    • The Tyger's Den - a website by dire wolf therian Tygerwolf, with posts about species and gender dysphoria, spirituality, and the paranormal, among others.

    • Thébaïde - long-running site of Akhila, a clouded leopard and common raven therian, with essays in English and French.


    • From Fiction (Tumblr) - a fictionkin blog run by Felix, a longtime member of the fictionkin community.

    • Shadowfae (Tumblr) - an alterhuman and fictionkin blog run by Pale, with frequent essays and community insights.



    • (Google Groups) - a currently active, but sleepy draconic forum started in December 1993.

    • Animality - a forum for those with any form of connection to animals, including therianthropes, furries, animal-hearted, daemons, etc.

    • Castle Otherkin - older forum for otherkin, therians, vampires, systems, etc., with discussions on identity and spirituality.

    • Cybertroniankind - a forum for Cybertronians, a fictional race from the Transformers universe.

    • Draconic - a forum for dragons, founded in 1998.

    • Draconity - a forum for dragons, with annual contests and a yearly group "photo" (a.k.a. a commissioned drawing of members who provide a kintype reference).

    • Empreinte alter-humaine FR (French) - a french-language alterhuman forum with discussions on identity, vocab, and Awakening.

    • Kinmunity 2.0 - a forum for otherkin, therians, fictionkin, vampires, the animal-hearted and other-hearted, and multiple systems.

    • Nexus Draconis (German) - a German-language forum for dragons, discussing identity, types of dragons, past-life memories, and magic.

    • Nonhuman National Park - an inclusive forum for nonhumans, alterhumans, and everything in between.

    • r/Alterhuman - a subreddit dedicated to alterhumanity as a whole.

    • r/Therian - a subreddit dedicated to therians and therianthropy.

    • r/TrueOtherkin - a subreddit dedicated to otherkin, therians, and fictionkin.

    • r/Otherkin - a subreddit dedicated to otherkin, therians, and fictionkin.

    • The Dragonworld (German) - a German-language forum for dragons, with discussions about dragons, everyday life, and survival as a dragon in a human world.

    • The Otherhearts - A forum for animal and other-hearted people.

    • The Werelist - a forum for therians.

    • Therian-Kin Corner - a therian and otherkin-centric forum, with threads dedicated to guides, essays, and community events.

Social Media

Listed here are some of the larger alterhuman social media groups. For a more comprehensive list, visit Another Wiki's page on active otherkin social media networks.

  • Otherkin (FB) - a private Facebook group for otherkin and therians. Not very active.

  • Otherkins Therians Vampyre (FB) - a private German-language Facebook group for otherkin, therians, and vampires. Not very active.

  • Otherkin Village (FB) - a private Facebook group for otherkin, therians vampires, furries, and supporters. Not very active.

  • The Therian Circle (FB) - a private Facebook group for therians, otherkin, and humans. Not very active.

  • Alterhuman Amino - a relatively quiet Amino for alterhumans.

  • Official Dragonkin Amino - a relatively quiet Amino for dragonkin.

  • Otherkin/Fictionkin Amino - a large Amino focused on otherkin and fictionkin. Fairly active with a number of younger members.

  • Therian Amino (Amino) - an Amino for therians to discuss anything and everything about therianthropy. Includes a wiki and helpful informational posts. Otherkin are welcome too. Has a history of being anti-system and anti-plural. The Sol System provides a good overview under the "Bewares" tab [here].

  • Therian and Otherkin Amino - a large Amino focused on otherkin and therians, but occasional fictionkin post as well. Fairly active with a number of younger members.



  • Shifting, Shamanism and Therianthropy - a short book by Lupa detailing therianthropy, meditation, and shamanism.

  • Studio Prey - a publishing studio run by otherkin who have authored a number of otherkin-themed books.

  • The Changeling - a novel by Zilpha Keatley Snyder about the friendship between two girls, one of which whom believes she's a changeling.

Academic Articles (open-access)


Fun Stuff

    • Alfandra (about) - a small personal website giving humorous tidbits about Alfandra ( and the multitude of alternate names for Alfandra.

    • David Attenborough nature documentary list - an incredible list by Tumblr user @hraefngeyst , listing all prominently featured animal species in each episode

    • Dragon Code v1 - the original code for describing your dragonself shorthand. May be used by non-dragons as well.

    • Dragon Code v2 - an improved version of Dragon Code. May be used by non-dragons as well. Check out mine on my About Me page!

    • ClaWrite - an alphabet created by Baxil to make it easier for dragons and other clawed beings to write.

    • Draconity Test - a humorous test for gauging how draconic you are.

    • Funnies by ThetaDelta - a humorous collection of Tumblr posts by trolls, anti-kin, and confused Tumblr users.

    • Games for Kin - a semi-active Tumblr offering suggestions for games relating to various kin/therio/fictotypes. Also suitable for coping/otherlinks and otherhearts.

    • I Hold My Father's Paws - a short fiction piece by David Levine about a man struggling to come to terms with his father's medical transition from human to dog.

    • Inky Paws Zine - an 89-page alterhuman collaborative fiction zine, organized by Who-is-Page of the Sol System.

    • Kinfood - a Tumblr with hundreds of recipes tailored to specific otherkin and fictionkin species/races. The tags page no longer appears to work properly, but specific tags may be accessed by adding "/tagged/[tag name here]" to the end of the blog URL (i.e. "").

    • Nonhumanity Spectrum Tool - a fun customizable chart to easily visualize your experiences with alterhumanity or nonhumanity.

    • Shenani-kins - a webcomic by Page of the Sol System about being otherkin and queer.

    • Theri There - a short webcomic series by Orion Scribner about otherkinity.

    • You Might Be Otherkin If... - a tongue-in-cheek list of traits you might have if you are otherkin.