Debunking the P-shift Myth

Heard of p-shifting? Maybe not? As a pseudoscientific claim that circulates around the alterhuman communities (especially the otherkin and therian communities) on occasion, it rears its ugly and generally obnoxious head more than we'd like.

 Regardless of your familiarity with the term, go give this a read.

◇ What is "p-shifting"?

P-shifting is a shortened name for "physical shifting". Physical shifting refers to physically changing the human body partially or wholly into a non-human being. Think something along the lines of werewolves shifting from human to wolf.

◇ What's wrong with it?

An older Tumblr post by Lupa puts it more succinctly and eloquently than I can, but I'll give it a go as well to drive home her points and my own. I suggest you go read her explanations as well. To put it simply:

It's physically impossible.

Promises of p-shifting have been repeatedly used to manipulate and hold power over vulnerable people.

◇ How is it physically impossible?

Physically shifting directly breaks the laws of physics, through conservation of mass.

P-shifting also breaks physics through conservation of energy.

◇ If it's impossible to p-shift, why should we care that people believe in it?

Not everyone realizes it's impossible, and it's surprisingly easy to be taken advantage of if you don't understand why it's impossible and/or are desperate to learn to p-shift. 

◇ Common p-shifter arguments

◇ Common p-shifter "proof" or excuses for lack of proof

Attempts at proof:

Excuses for lack of proof:

◇ Other thoughts on p-shifting

It all boils down to the fact that p-shifting claims simply don't add up.

You'll likely notice I haven't linked to any p-shifting sites as sources for my paraphrases and quotes. This is intentional, as they don't deserve internet traffic. If you really have an itching, burning desire to see these sites, go to a doctor to get that itching and burning checked out, then shoot me a message here, and I'll give you links as you need them.