Alterhuman Dictionary

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fableing - a fictional identity facet in a median system, who has experiences and feelings in common with both fictives and fictionkin in a way that makes them feel positioned somewhere between or adjacent to the two [1] [2].

facet - a headmate or alter that is not clearly separated from other identities, and typically without amnesiac barriers [3].

factive - a headmate based on non-fictional source material, including celebrities, family members, and historical figures [4].

factkin - a human who identifies as another human, typically from the present [5] [6]. The concept is generally thought to have been created by trolls and is still perpetuated by trolls [5].

factling - a facet identity that falls between factive and fogtive identities [7] .

faeborn - an individual that is a transmigrated soul of a nonhuman being from this world and/or other worlds that is of possible mythical/mystical origins, currently living in a human form [8]. Coined in 1992 my Melishal, faeborn are generally considered distinct from otherkin, although the distinction may blur from person to person.

faerie star - the septagram generally accepted by otherkin to represent the otherkin community [9]. Also known as the Elven Star [10].

fictherian - a term describing one’s experiences of “animality”, as is described by the parent term “therian”, but signifying one’s source of experiences are not of this current earth [11]. A portmanteau of “fiction” and “therian”.

fictionflicker  - someone who temporarily takes on the identity of one or more fictional characters, only to pick up another temporary identity after the previous one fades [12]. Sometimes likened to a temporary fictotype [13] or frequent cameo shifts of various characters [14]. Fictionflickers may or may not experience memories and pick up habits associated with their current identities.

fiction-hearted - an individual with a strong feeling of connection to or appreciation for a fictional character or fictional species [13].

fictionkin(d) - an individual who identifies as a person, creature, or race from fiction [13] [15]. They may believe they are a specific character or a non-canon character of the same race or world. This identification may be based on spiritual beliefs, psychological beliefs, or something in between. Fictionkin cannot drop their identities at will; for those who choose nonhuman identities for coping or enjoyment, see copinglink or otherlink.

fictive - a headmate based on fictional source material, including popularized media characters or original characters [16].

fictomere - a catchall term for an identity centered on a fictional entity, regardless of the nature of the identity (e.g., a fictotype, hearthome, headmate, etc.) [17]. May also be used as a placeholder for an undefined fictional identity. Originally coined by sun-dragon on Fictionkind Dreamwidth.

fictotype - the fictional character or species a fictionkin identifies as [13].

fogtive - a plural identity resembling a factive, but where one's identity is part factive and part "something else", which may nor may not be defined [18]. Created by Tumblr user quoipunk, and is intentionally broad.

folcintera - the unique experience of an individual who non-physically identifies as an animal from or deeply intertwined with mythos/folklore; a person who experiences a form of involuntary, intrinsic nonhumanity with aspects of both animality and sapience, and which originates from or is personally intrinsically tied to mythology, folklore, or other forms of cultural legend [19].

fronting - when an individual in a system takes control of their shared body [15].

fuzztive - a plural identity resembling a fictive, but where one's identity is part fictive and part "something else", which may nor may not be defined [18]. Created by Tumblr user quoipunk, and is intentionally broad.

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