Alterhuman Dictionary

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theta-delta - the symbol generally accepted by therians to represent the therian community. It was created in 2003 on a Werelist forum in response to a call for a representative therian symbol [1].

therian - shortened version of therianthrope [2].

therianthrope - a human who identifies as a nonhuman animal on a non-physical level [2]. This identification may be based on spiritual beliefs, psychological beliefs, or a mix of both. This term was coined by a wendigo in 1994 on the Usenet group alt.horror.werewolves [3]. Therianthropes do not choose their identities consciously; for individuals who choose nonhuman identities consciously, see copinglink or otherlink.

therianthropy - the state of being a therianthrope [4].

theriotype - the species of animal a therian identifies as [5].

theriomythic - an individual who identifies as a non-earthly creature of a feral or non-sentient nature [6] [7]. This may include mythical animals like griffons and basilisks, or animalistic versions of sentient beings like feral dragons, mermaids, and fauns. Sometimes referred to as "mythotherian" [8] [9] [10] or "theriomyth".

thoughtform - an umbrella term for a headmate who was created in some way [11].

traumagenic - a system whose creation was the result of one or more traumatic events [12].

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