Alterhuman Dictionary

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aeslink - a voluntary identity chosen solely for aesthetics [1]. See also: otherlink.

aliumkind/aliumthrope - a disconnect/detachment from humanity, regardless of why or if they’re human/alterhuman/nonhuman. Alternatively, having a connection/attachment to nonhumanity [2]. (AFD) - a Usenet group created in 1993 [3]. Originally created for people to discuss dragons and dragon-centric media, it later shifted to discussion about nonhuman identity and what it meant to identify as a dragon [4] [5]. In addition to AFD, spawned many nicknames including Alfandra (ALt.FAN.DRAgons), Alfandria, Here, xgrmpflmprxyzzz, The Edge of the Map, The Place of So Many Names it’s Almost Impossible to Memorize Them All, and more.

alt.horror.werewolves (AHWW) - a Usenet group created in 1992 [6]. Originally created for people to discuss werewolves and werewolf-centric media, it later shifted to discussion about nonhuman identity and what it meant to identify as a nonhuman animal [7]. The term “therianthropy” was first used here in relation to nonhuman identity.

alterbeing - a less human-centric version of the term "alterhuman", focusing on identities that fall outside what is traditionally considered "being".

alterhuman - an identity that falls outside the range of what society deems a normal human identity [8]. This term includes otherkin, fictionkin, therianthropes, copinglinks, otherlinks, systems, starseeds, other/fiction/animal-hearted, and soulbonders.

alternormal - events, experiences or phenomena (such as shifts, anomalous memories, phantom/astral limbs, headmates, soulbonding, unexplained urges and feelings, etc) that are typical of the alterhuman experience, as well as other phenomena related to nonhuman connections and fictional worlds [9].

animal-hearted - an individual with a deep feeling of connection to or appreciation for a nonhuman, earthly animal [10].

antikin - an individual or group of people who are outspoken against otherkin, fictionkin, and therian identities, and frequently harass or troll the online 'kin communities with the intent to upset community members and spread misinformation [11].

archetrope - an alterhuman identity based on an archetype, trope, or other common character model (e.g., royalty, wanderer, intellectual, witch, etc.) [12]. A purposefully vague term that can be used to describe a broad range of identity experiences.

astral limb - a non-corporeal limb or other body part that manifests on the astral plane [13]. Similar to supernumerary phantom limbs, but is only associated with one's astral body.

awakening - the process of realizing one identifies as nonhuman [14]. Usually capitalized ("Awakening"), although both capitalized and lowercase are used. Awakening often occurs in early to mid adolescence [15], although Awakening can happen at a far earlier or later age. Awakened individuals may experience some form of Awakening before discovering nonhuman communities.

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